In a nutshell…

I’m 34 years-old, an IT consultant, and a resident of Jersey Village for most of my life. Army vet. Proud father of 2 beautiful, hilarious, adventurous little women (Jane, 6 & Adeline, 4). I’ve been married to my best friend, Michelle, for 7 years now. We have 2 dogs, Abby and Scott, who you may see chasing a squirrel on Acapulco Drive if our door is left open. In my spare time I enjoy watching soccer & baseball and sampling craft beer in my driveway.

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My Full Story

I was born in Houston in 1983 to my super-supportive parents, Mary and Robert, and lived in the Oak Forest area. When I was about 8 years-old my dad transferred offices to the Cypress area, which spurred our family’s move to JV. Most of my childhood was spent playing “home run derby” on Zilonis Court with neighborhood friends, building treehouses in the backyard, and getting into mischief down in the bayou. I attended Post Elementary, Dean Intermediate, Cook Junior High, and graduated from Jersey Village High School in May 2001. One month later, Tropical Storm Allison hit and flooded our family home with 12″ of water. That summer we lived on the second floor while the first floor was rebuilt.

After high school I attended the University of Texas in Austin. Just 2 weeks into my first semester, while getting ready for ROTC morning PT in my dorm room, I watched in stunned horror as the plane hit the second tower of the World Trade Center. The next day I decided to enlist in the US Army Reserve Corp. I became a 91W (now 68W) Healthcare Specialist, aka Combat Medic, and went to Basic Training a year later. I watched with fellow new-recruits the 1st anniversary of 9/11 on the Reception Battalion TVs at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

I obtained my EMT certifications at Ft. Sam Houston and, despite being a Reservist, I was rarely ever home. Serving with the 4005th US Army Hospital, I travelled all across the country teaching Combat Lifesaver courses to deploying non-medical units, serving in hospitals tending to returning wounded servicemembers, and even serving with a JV-area chemical unit on several mass casualty/terrorism scenario drills through the years. I am forever grateful to the mentors who provided examples of leadership, honor, and selfless-service– all values I try to exhibit in every aspect of my life.

During brief intermissions between deployments, I pursued an interest in information technology and veered away from the medical profession. After completing my active reserve obligation, I committed full-time to learning more about IT infrastructure and security. From a humble start at Geek Squad (yes, I truly started at the bottom), I moved into the corporate IT support world with a Dallas-area construction company.

In July 2010, I went on a date with a girl I knew from high school. Long story short– the following weekend I put my resume out in Houston, sold all of my possessions on Craigslist, and moved back home to Houston to be with my future wife. Michelle and I married in December 2010, welcomed our first child, Jane, in July 2011, and moved into our home in Jersey Village on Acapulco Drive in November 2011. Our second daughter, Adeline, soon joined us and we’ve been a non-stop crazy family ever since.

In 2015, Michelle followed her dream and, with the help of a friend, started a pediatric therapy clinic in the Willowbrook area. Since then, they have built a highly-respected practice and set a great example for our daughters. She still manages to be the best mom on the planet despite all the rigors of owning a dynamic business and being a practicing Speech Language Pathologist.

In 2016, I left my corporate IT job to follow my own dream. I partnered with my brother-in-law to reestablish his company and helped build a successful IT consulting firm. I love my job and find great satisfaction in helping my clients build efficient, successful business operations. Most of all, I enjoy having the freedom to spend more time with my daughters, watching them grow up in Jersey Village just like I did.

Also in 2016, we experienced the devastating impact of flooding. We received a small amount of water in our home, but it was enough to soak under and through the wood floors and wick up into the aging insulation. Having just started 2 businesses, we were forced delay repairs to our home and learned to live with no floors or walls, finally installing new drywall just a few weeks before the end of 2017. The silver lining in this fiasco was that our family became so much closer despite all of the chaos of 2015 & 2016, sleeping all together in the same bed for the last 2 years.

Jane attends Post Elementary, now in 1st grade, and wants to be an artist when she grows up. You can view samples of her craft on the sidewalks of Acapulco Drive. Adeline (Allie) attends Joyful Noise Preschool and is our family comedian. She wants to be a giraffe when she grows up (we’ll have to break the news to her soon). In October 2016, our family expanded by 1 as we opened our doors to Michelle’s niece, Maci. We co-parent with Maci’s dad, Andre, and provide as much love and support as possible. Maci also attends Joyful Noise Preschool and she says she wants to be her dad when she grows up.

In my spare time (HAHA!) I am a die-hard Houston Dynamo supporter. I delight in taking my daughters to see the beautiful game every chance I get. Also in my spare time I enjoy craft beer, touring and supporting local breweries. I started Dads, Driveways, & Draughts– a local craft beer social group– in 2015 with a goal of meeting other JV dads and tasting the ever-growing variety of craft beer. My ultimate goal is to attract a vibrant brewery to Jersey Village and get neighbors out into the community more often.

It has been one of my life’s greatest honors so far to serve on my hometown’s City Council. I serve along side a Mayor and Council who are laser-focused on responsibly solving our biggest problems and enhancing our image in the region to continuously attract the best citizens for our community. I hope to continue community service and leadership as your Councilmember.

Next Steps…

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